Nifco enter 2020 as the 53st year of business since our founding. We formulated a new corporate philosophy, and through which we aim of driving sustainable growth and advancement.

The new corporate philosophy encompass both the convictions inherited from our predecessors that have supported Nifco up to now, and a future goal towards which Nifco must strive.


Nifco generates ideas and cultivates technology to turn your expectations into excitement.


Driving change with growing inventiveness

- This is Nifco -
Be proactive and break through

[ Take a forward-looking attitude in acting: disrupt common sense to realize new paradigms ]

Communicate and collaborate

[ Exchange ideas with others freely and frankly: work together one as team ]

Challenge and innovate

[ Take on new challenges adventurously: explore and implement new ideas ]

We aim to continue evolving and will keep our philosophy firmly in mind as the cornerstone of our actions and behavior.

Corporate Philosophy