Product Type Lace Lock/Cord Lock and Cord stopper
Material PP
Cord Size 3.0mm
Webbing Size N/A
Location Taiwan,Vietnam



double holes 5mm webbing hole

Make the code lock which never rolls! –Story behind CL38A

Most code locks are cylindrical as in Pic.1, but we created completely different box-shaped code lock CL38A.

There are two big changes in CL38A!
Firstly, we reversed the ratio between the height (A) and width (B) of code lock. When A is bigger than B as in Pic.3, the code lock easily rolls. So A has to be smaller than B to prevent the code lock from rolling. According to this rule, we developed the box-shaped code lock CL38A (Pic.4) which never rolls. This code lock allows stress-free operation.

Secondly, we changed the button from round to square to maximize touch area. These two changes dramatically improved the operability of our box-shaped code lock CL38A.

CL38A pioneered the current apparel trend of hiding code lock under the clothes thanks to its thinness. By hiding the code lock, the clothes may look more simple and stylish.

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