2021/09/29 New Release
Notice concerning the launch of Nifco's "Online Showroom"

Dear Sir/Madam
    Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your continued support.
    We are pleased to announce that we have launched Nifco`s  "Online Showroom" 
    Nifco's "Online showroom" showcases Nifco's product ideas for automobiles and motorcycles through videos and explanations. 
    URL  : https://www.nifcoexhibition.com/en/
    ●  Product search from the following vehicle part categories:
       「ADAS」「Interior」「Exterior」「Power train」「Fuel Tank  System」「Motorcycles」
    ●  Product search from 15 keywords: (some main keywords are mentioned below)
       「Safety」「Comfort」「Environment」「Weight Saving」「Workability Improvement」
    ●   Product introduction video collection for understanding more about NIFCO`s solutions. 
    We will continue to improve the content of the site always aiming to make it more user-friendly.
    Best Regards

2021/05/22 Activity
Industry-University Cooperation

This time we are honored to receive an invitation from the "Footwear & Recreation Technology research institute" in Taichung to introduce the footwear buckles to the students currently studying in the footwear design practice of the Fashion Design Department of Tainan University of Applied Sciences.

We believe that foot health care is related to the stability of shoes, and we continue to develop products that have both functions and improve stability and comfort. Let us look forward to the results...

2021/04/29 Activity
EARTH DAY 2021 Tree planting event

Earth Day is a worldwide day for environmental protection activities. People with similar ideas around the world will promote and conduct environmental protection activities in various ways. We had a great time of tree planting event.

2020/10/16 Sustainability

Business update

Information on creating comfortable, fashionable, high-functionality, and sustainable products.

2020/07/27 Sustainability

Business update

We are continuing our production operations to support customer demands. The following is the operation status of our main offices and factories: